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Hope Pipeline Project Staff Attorney POSITION SUMMARY An attorney, who has specialized training and expertise in education law, children’s civil and human rights, legal representation of children with complex trauma/needs, basic interdisciplinary understanding of legal systems that impact children with disabilities, and restorative justice practices. Our clients are generally 12-21 years old and many are […]

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Get Help to Get Enrolled in School!

We know that things are confusing with the start of the school year. To learn about your child’s options go to: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/domain/11723 For a video to better understand the options, listen to Ms. LQ explain it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OumdI6Hr080&t=283s To learn more about setting up your Focus account and other common questions, go to: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=28242 We will

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UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

  PowerPoint (PDF Version) UNCRC Document CLE PENDING The Convention deals with child-specific needs and rights; 196 countries are parties to the treaty, including every member of the United Nations…except the United States.  Say what? Betsy Dobbins, Esq. is the executive director of the Center for Children’s Rights,  a legal resource and advocacy center for youth.

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Individual Advocacy

Educational Advocacy:  Advocating for kids’ rights in school is key to ensuring that they have access to the resources, supports, and services necessary for them to succeed. Special Education Law and Advocacy Conversations in Special Advocacy Law

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