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Who We Are

Welcome to the Jacksonville Center For Children’s Rights, or as most folks know us, CCR. 

Our mission is to foster a community where teens and young people, especially those involved in the juvenile justice system, can find a path forward. We support resilient youth to transform their lives and communities through restorative practices and radical belonging.Through practical justice, advocacy, and healing-centered practices we are building a responsive community where every youth and teen experiences belonging, dignity, and possibility. 

Our vision is that every young person, especially those from persistently stressful environments, thrives holistically and is equipped to lead with their unique experiences. 

Our teams work hand-in-hand with families, youth, and supportive community partners to ensure every youth in Jacksonville thrives and that teens involved in the juvenile justice system have the support they need to be resilient, connected, and thriving. By guiding youth in the juvenile justice system and beyond, we create spaces for collective healing, growth, and leadership, fostering a future where they are the architects of their own well-being and community change.


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Teen girl with head scarf is about to speak to the other youth participants in the juvenile justice restorative practice circle
African American male policeman smiling and holding the doll among circle of smiling teens in the juvenile justice restorative practices circle

What We Do

Practical Justice and Support

We support teens and their families to take a step-by-step approach to navigate the challenging maze of the juvenile justice system, co-creating paths towards resilient decision-making and a future filled with possibilities.

Resilience through Connection

By emphasizing the balance between positive influences and challenging circumstances, we aim to tip the scale towards resilience for every young person. Through our Restorative and Resilience Practices, we support connected and capable individuals, families, and communities.

Reimagining Youth Futures

Through practical relationship-based interventions, we prioritize the foundational development of teens' brains, ensuring that every young person has the support they need to grow, learn, and thrive. We equip youth and teens to be architects of their own well-being and community change.

Center For Children's Rights Youth and Teens Juvenile Justice Restorative Practices Circle Teen girl among other youth holding a doll and smiling

Get Involved

Invest in a Just Future:

Every contribution, whether time or financial, makes a difference in the lives of youth and families navigating the maze of the juvenile justice system. Your involvement can inspire resilience, forge connections, and offer new directions to youth who need it most. Click the link below to learn about how you can get started and make a difference today.

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