Speedy Trial, Search & Seizure, and Admissibility of Statements

CLE credit valid through 4/25/2018.

PowerPoint:      Speedy, Search & Seizure, and Admissibility

CLE Number:  CLE Speedy et al


Lynn Powell is 5th generation Floridian who was raised in West Palm Beach.  She graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Finance and Pre-Law and received her Law degree from Nova University.  She began her legal career in the State Attorney’s Office as a volunteer legal intern before being hired as an Assistant State Attorney in 1985.  Although Lynn left the State Attorney’s Office for a 17 month stint in private price, she has now over 29 years of service with the State Attorney’s Office.  Over 28 years of Lynn’s experience in the State Attorney’s Office has been spent in the Juvenile Division.  The balance of her career was spent in the Felony Division prosecuting adult felony offenders.  Lynn is currently on the Circuit 15 Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, DJJ JDAI Executive Committee, Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission Reentry and Behavioral Health Committees, Palm Beach County School Justice Partnership, Palm Beach County Chapter Do The Write Thing Challenge Steering Committee, Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Detention Center Advisory Board, Delinquency Drug Court and the Juvenile Rules Committee of the Florida Bar.  She has served on numerous other committees and Boards associated with Juvenile issues including the Department of Juvenile Justice Blueprint Commission, the Palm Beach Youth Center Advisory Board, and the Palm Beach County Juvenile Association.

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