Restorative Justice Practices

The CommUnity Project: A Continuum of Restorative Justice Practices to Power Community-Led Conflict Resolution and Healing

Talking Circle

  • Themed talking circles co-facilitated with youth.
  • Focused on resilience, connection, and well-being.

Healing or Peacemaking Circle

  • Responsive circle following an occurrence of community violence.
  • Creates space for shared story telling and collective healing. 

LIFT Circle

  • Legally informed family team circle centered around youth and family’s resilience and legally informed concrete support problem solving.
  • Circle participants lead both development of and follow up on action plan.

RYSE Circle

  • Returning youth supportive entry circle to engage youth, family, and community partners in circle of support centered around youth and family’s resilience and concrete support.

Community Conference

  • A meeting of the community of people affected by behavior or incident that has caused harm. The conference brings together the person who did the harm, the person who was harmed, and their respective supporters to seek ways to repair the damage caused by the incident and to minimize further harm. It gives everyone involved in and affected by an incident an opportunity to talk to one another and to develop together an agreement to repair the harm and make the situation better.
  • Children in the juvenile justice system who are given the option to complete a community conference and fulfill the developed agreement as a diversion to formal prosecution.

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