Juvenile Delinquency Collateral Consequences

CLE credit valid through 2/24/2018.

Power Point: Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Justice Involvement

CLE Credit: CLE certificate Dobbins

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Juvenile Delinquency Collateral Consequences

Betsy Dobbins is an assistant public defender with the Public Defender’s Office in the Fourth Judicial Circuit. She leads the Children’s Rights Initiative, a unique collaboration with Florida Coastal School of Law and the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman. The focus of the initiative is to develop an innovative and holistic legal services delivery system for children, youth, and emerging adults.  Ms. Dobbins is also a part of the Juvenile Life Without Parole team at the Public Defender’s Office.  Ms. Dobbins is a graduate of Florida Coastal School of Law.  She has a Master Degree in Social Work from the University of Nevada-Reno and previously worked in the nonprofit sector and mental health field.  She is a 2004 graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


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