Policy and Practice Reform

Juvenile Justice Reform

“I define community as what affects the future for all of us; the wellness of our children. Opportunities are everywhere. Justice for all children!”

– Rob Mason, founding Board Member, zealous children’s advocate, and life long juvenile justice system change agent

Our Priorities:

  • Disrupt pipelines to the juvenile and criminal justice systems
  • Develop alternatives to prosecution and detention
  • Promote community over incarceration
  • Improving conditions of confinement
  • Addressing re-entry needs and process


Creating Second Chances

Juvenile records matter and can having lasting impacts on children and their families. Children, families, community members, and stakeholders need to understand the collateral consequences of juvenile justice involvement.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a community-base training on the collateral consequences of juvenile justice involvement, contact us at information@jaxccr.org.