Children’s Advocacy Collaborative


Our Associates are highly skilled professionals and practitioners who dedicate time, energy, and expertise to the Center’s mission.

  • Garry Bevel, Esq. – Regional Director of Community Partnership Schools, Children’s Home Society of Florida.
  • Bev Brown, Esq., PhD – Educational Attorney, Three Rivers Legal Services.
  • Simone Chriss, Esq.  – Staff Attorney, Southern Legal Counsel
  • Andrea Costello, Esq. – Director of Florida Institutional Legal Services Project, Florida Legal Services.
  • Katy Debriere, Esq. – Managing Attorney of the North Florida Medical Legal Partnership, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.
  • Betsy Dobbins, Esq., MSW – Executive Director and Managing Attorney, Center for Children’s Rights.
  • Michelle Hawthorne, Esq. – Adjunct Professor and Director of Pro Bono, Florida Coastal School of Law.
  • Jenna Kramer, RCSWI – Mental Health Professional, Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center.
  • Angela Mann, Ph.D, BCBA, NCSP – Assistant Professor, Licensed Psychologist, School Psychologist, University of North Florida Psychology Department
  • Rob Mason, Esq. – Juvenile Division Director, Office of the Public Defender.
  • Dr. Mikah Owen, MD, MPH – Assistant Professor, Community and Society Pediatrics with the University of Florida School of Medicine – Jacksonville.
  • Ebony Payne-English – Managing Director, The Performers Academy.

Children’s Advocacy Collaborative

The Children’s Advocacy Collaborative (CAC), an interdisciplinary team of attorneys and advocates, is dedicated to ensuring that our youth’s health and wellness is priority in local and state policy and practice.

Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center

Florida Coastal School of Law

Florida Legal Services – Florida Institutional Legal Services Project

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid 

Office of the Public Defender, Fourth Judicial Circuit

Partnership for Child Health

Three Rivers Legal Services

Southern Legal Counsel

University of North Florida

Partner Organizations collaborate with the CAC to support kids rights and implement community level projects.

Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center

Family Foundations

Jewish Family and Community Services

The Magnolia Project

The Performers Academy

State Attorney’s Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit

Yoga 4 Change