Jacksonville Community Reports

Reports Generated by Community Partners

2016 JaxShine Report:  Creating a Shared Vision for Afterschool and Summer Learning in Duval County

Duval County Youth Risk Behavior Survey

2009 State of Jacksonville’s Children: Racial and Ethnic Disparities Report

Mapping Child Well-Being in Duval County, FL March 2011

Jacksonville Integrated Planning Project, December 2012

Other Resources

Keep up with statewide legislative efforts to improve the lives for children through The Children’s Campaign.

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice provides an excellent data platform for statewide and local juvenile justice profiles. Check out http://www.djj.state.fl.us/research/delinquency-data/delinquency-profile

The 2014 Human Rights Watch Branded for Life Publication addressed Florida’s prosecution of juveniles as adults and highlighted the Fourth Judicial Circuit. Read the entire report here: 2014 Human Rights Watch Branded for Life