Improving Conditions of Confinement

Kids need to be in environments where their health and dignity are valued and protected.

This includes when they are held in secure detention due to juvenile justice involvement. Secure detention should be safe; it should be humane; and it should be supportive. We are all partners in supporting our kids’

growth and development, including detention center staff, medical and mental health professionals, educators, and community partners.

What can CCR (and you) do?

Support our Juvenile Detention Center to align with National Best Standards by increasing access to trauma and developmentally informed practice and policies, including decreasing the use of solitary confinement; increasing the use of positive behavioral interventions; ensuring access to education, mental health, and other treatment necessary; and limiting the use of secure detention.

How are we doing this?

Developing a community plan for improvement:  As a part of the Juvenile Detentions Alternatives Initiative (JDAI), several CCR associates, with community partners and Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) partners, conducted an audit of our local Duval Regional Detention Center in February 2016.  The purpose of the audit was to compare current conditions, policies, and practices to National Best Standards. The Final Report is pending; however, CCR looks forward to utilizing the report as a road map in developing a collaborative action plan for improving conditions for our children who are in secure detention.

Advocating at all levels: