Access to Sealing and Expunging Juvenile Records

The mistakes we made as kids should not define who we are or what we can become as adults.

Kids make mistakes. We know that part of the process of growth and development – of maturing – is to make and learn from those mistakes.

We believe that children should have second chances and not have mistakes they made create a record that could limit their future possibilities and contributions to our community.

What can CCR (and you) do?

Ensure that children, families, community members, and stakeholders understand the collateral consequences of juvenile justice involvement. Juvenile records do matter and can having lasting impacts on children and their families.

  • If you would like to learn more or schedule a community-base training on the collateral consequences of juvenile justice involvement, contact us.
  • If you are an attorney and you would like to volunteer to lead workshops or trainings on the collateral consequences of juvenile justice involvement, contact us.

Ensure that children have access to legal advice and representation to seal and expunge their juvenile records.

We are looking to build a pool of capable volunteer attorneys to participate in regularly scheduled seal and expungement workshops for children who successfully complete juvenile diversion. Volunteer attorneys are needed to assist with the screening and filing process and also to educate and advise families regarding Florida law governing record sealing and expungement.  Families will have the opportunity to speak individually with pro bono attorneys.

If you are interested, please contact Michelle Hawthorne or Kathy Para. You can learn about the process and your role here.

Check out Jacksonville Area Legal Aid to learn about other pro bono opportunities and support for volunteer attorneys.

CCR’s Work

Fresh Start Seal and Expunge Clinic: CCR Associate Michelle Hawthorne, through Florida Coastal School of Law, leads a new clinic focused on educating law students  provides law students hands-on-learning experience for students to work with young people in the community and seal and/or expunge the youth’s juvenile record.

Diversion Expungement Workshops: Through CCR’s efforts, led by CCR Associate Michelle Hawthorne, Florida Coastal School of Law, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, the State Attorney’s Office’s Youthful Offender Diversion Program, and the Jacksonville Journey have partnered to ensure that all children who successfully complete diversion have the opportunity to consult with an attorney and seal/expunge their juvenile record if eligible.