Legal Advocacy

Kids and young people need lawyers too.

Are you a young person who has a question or legal issue?

Are you the parent or guardian of a kid who has a question or a legal issue?

Are you working with a kid or young person and you think they may need some legal advice? 

Contact us and maybe we can help.

We give information, advice, and may be able to provide an attorney.

We know that kids are different than adults. Their lawyers have to be too.

We are a group of child advocates who specialize in representation and advocacy for kids.

The laws affecting and impacting children’s lives are complex and intersecting. Representing kids is different than representing adults. Our kids deserve dedicated attorneys who specialize in the legal frameworks and  developmental needs unique to children.

That’s why the Florida Bar offers Juvenile Law Certification.

That’s why the Center for Children’s Rights is raising funds to provide child-centered representation by dedicated attorneys who are experts in navigating the complex legal systems in which children find themselves.  Help us make kids a part of decisions impacting their lives.

Donate and Commit to Kids.