Right-sizing the Juvenile Justice System

Kids make mistakes.

Making mistakes is a part of growing up because mistakes are a way for the developing mind to learn, grow, and mature. We now know that kids’ brains are developing and do not mature until the mid-twenties. The juvenile justice system is dedicated to “rehabilitation” in recognition of this process:  that kids who make mistakes sometimes need supports and interventions to learn, grow, and mature so that they don’t make those same mistakes again.

Our kids in the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems are among our community’s most vulnerable. Many of our kids in the juvenile justice system have experienced challenging things in life. Many have unmet needs related to family, mental and behavioral health, physical health, learning, and safety. Many have experienced trauma.

What can CCR (and you) do?

Ensure that we limit pathways into the juvenile justice system, create pathways through the juvenile justice system, and ensure pathways out of the juvenile justice system exist.

CCR’s Work:

We are collaboratively working together with our community partners and members to