Making Jacksonville a Child Friendly City

What is a Child Friendly City?

A Child Friendly City is committed to fostering children’s well-being and development through integrating youth as solucionaries into the city’s governance structure, initiatives, and decision making. Having young people as partners and participants is key to making our place a community that responds to their needs and a place where children can thrive.

What makes a city “child friendly?”

Just like we know that plants need some combination of air, water, and sunlight to thrive, there are certain building blocks that build a City where children can thrive.

Some of those Building Blocks include when children are able to do the following:

  • express their opinions on the city/community;
  • participate in family, cultural, city/community and social life;
  • experience quality, inclusive and participatory education;
  • be safe and protected from exploitation, violence and abuse;
  • meet friends and have places and spaces to play and enjoy themselves;
  • have green spaces for plants and animals;
  • live in a clean, unpolluted environment;
  • be an equal citizen, with access to every service regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, income, gender or ability.