About Us

What is the Center for Children’s Rights?

A group of legal professionals and child advocates working to ensure the health and well-being of children by advancing child rights-based programs, systems, policies, advocacy, and legal representation.

Legal Advocacy: Youth can access legal assistance and information on their rights.

Policy Reform:  Institutions and systems are evaluated to make sure that youth health and well-being are protected.

Youth Participation:  Youth are given the opportunity to contribute to policy and decision making that affects them.

Our Values

  • Dignity and nondiscrimination:  Kids deserve to be treated fairly and with respect;
  • Heath and Well-being:  Kids have a right to basic things to live, survive, and develop;
  • Care for Kids:  Decisions that affect kids should be made with one fundamental question at heart, “is this decision good for kids?”; and
  • Youth’s Participation:  Youth need to participate and have their views and voices considered when decisions affecting them are being made.